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Testimonials: Testimonials

The human, all too human, neuroses laid bare in Monzó’s pithy stories can be discomfiting to read for the nerves they strike — the lies we tell to get by, the rationalizations and hypocrisies, the forbidden thoughts, the randomness of events.

 Alison McCulloch, The New York Times,  27 November 2019 



 Pla's style, ably translated here by Peter Bush, is glorious and precise." 

Lamorna Ash, TLS, 26 March, 2021


 It is, in the end, the most crushing defeat of all – the losers are stripped of their own self- respect and their children’s regard. Black Bread was written in Catalan and Peter Bush has translated it directly and beautifully into English. It should be regarded as a classic of Spanish Civil War literature. 

Miranda France The Times Literary Supplement 30 September 2016


Uncertain Glory Catalan Classic of the Spanish Civil War by Joan Sales
In a polyphonic novel whose voices are operatic (the pompous Llibert is a "sonorous baritone"), Bush conjures deftly with a range of registers, from the archaic dropped aitches of the Aragonese rustics to the prim eloquence of the seminarian. He and MacLehose Press have done a great service in reviving this Catalan classic.

Maya Jaggi, The Guardian 18 October 2014


Translated smoothly from the Catalan by Peter Bush, The Last Patriarch works on all its levels: a document of the changes assailing modern Morocco; a story of the suffering and success of migration; and a feminist diatribe on how desire and courage can defeat patriarchal values. Najat El Hachmi's narrative poise, humour and fresh, unrepressed language turn her painful subject-matter into a pleasure to read.

Michael Eaude, The Independent, 14 May 2010


Exiled From Almost Everywhere is perhaps the best work of Goytisolo's later period.  Nowhere is this style more accomplished than in this novel, beautifully translated into English by Peter Bush. (Even Bush's title is a clever rendering of the original Spanish, literally "The Exile From Here and There".)

Alberto Manguel, The Guardian 15 May 2011


Before by Carmen Boullosa

 However spectral, this fictive double of the author produces a vividly expressionist argument that the transformations of adolescence amount to the literal death of the child. She also serves up a finely observed account of how a person—specifically, a high-strung, privileged, and impatient Catholic girl like the author herself—becomes a writer.

 Will Heinrich, Bomb, 15 September 2016 

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